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Hi and welcome back.

Based on the success of the last glamour workshop in Mass, I’m running another this Saturday, January 4, 2014, 1-5 pm.

I’ll cover posing and lighting, mixing light sources: daylight to tungsten, and balancing exposure from foreground to background.

Gear: Speedlights, Westcott Orb, Westcott Strip, Rogue, and California Sunbounce products.

If you would like more details, please contact me directly: rvh34@hotmail.com or 203-641-2880 or join and sign on through my Meetup Group.

Meetup Link

Now on to the post.

I was super busy at Unique and still have a few more posts to go.

For this series, I wanted to show how to achieve high key beauty lighting with 3 speedlights and a few Rogue Flashbenders.  I love the high key look as it is so clean and neat and just plain fun to do.

Here’s the BTS diagram.

Keep your key light in Manual Mode at 1/2 power and your backlights in Manual Mode at 1/4 or 1/8 power.  Watch the backlight power as if you have too much you’ll get light heading back into your lens and get milky lens flare.  Key and fill reflector are in the basic over and under beauty configuration.

Rogue High Key Beauty

I was in the classroom teaching OCF, so the setup was easy.  Working with Melanie again, we knocked out these amazing beauty shots in only a few minutes.  My only regret, I didn’t have more time shooting this look!

Unique Melanie Blue 12 15 20132163_pp Unique Melanie Blue 12 15 20132167_pp Unique Melanie Blue 12 15 20132188_pp


This is one of those, “Definitely try this at home!”

I love the clean look of beauty lighting, add a great subject, and you can’t go wrong!

Till next time, try this at home!