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Hi and welcome back.

In the previous post I used a two light setup, now let’s look at a one light commercial style setup.

You can do this with speedlight or strobe light.  Here I used a Hensel Integra.  If you use speedlight, be careful of exposure as the light is a bit harsher than strobe especially when shooting bare head.

Here is the BTS diagram:

Hensel directHere are a few proofs from the shoot.

If you look closely, you’ll see how the shadows drop on the right for Melanie and to the left for Claire (the redhead).  I kept the light in the same position but moved to either side of it to create different shadow effects.  The closer your subject is to the backdrop, the shorter the shadow; the further from the backdrop, the longer the shadow.  Swap sides, and it falls on different sides.

_RVH7271 _RVH7306 _RVH7316 _RVH7329

These shots are straight out of the camera, no retouching at all.  At this point I’d select my final and get to work in Photoshop.

This is a fun commercial look that is easy to execute with a barehead speedlight or strobe.  I prefer strobes as the light quality seems to be a bit softer.

Till next time, learn to shoot on white!!