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Hi and welcome back.

Last week I was presenting at BH Photo Event Space on mixing speedlights and strobe lights.

If you’ve never heard of BH Event Space, you need to check it out.  It is an educational center in the middle of the BH Superstore in NYC.  It holds about 70-80 attendees and the organizers, David, Debbie, Shoshona, and videographer Matthew, create a unique experience where you can see and meet all different photographers for free.  Yes, it’s free!

Here’s a link: BH Event Space

Here are a few photos with some BTS drawings.  I use a great site called: The Online Diagram Creator to build BTS images and save them as jpegs for later use.  This is especially useful if you can’t take BTS shots.

Link: Online Diagram Creator

Here are the shots and BTS.  Many thanks to Cori for modeling for this event.

My gear for the event:

Nikon SB910 and 800

Rogue Flashbender XL Pro

Rogue Gels

Hensel Integra 500 WS Freemask Strobe

BH 2225_pp

lighting-diagram BH File 2225

For the second look:

BH 2237_pp lighting-diagram BH File 2237

My third look:

BH 2251_pp lighting-diagram BH File 2251

And the final look:

BH 2273_pp lighting-diagram BH File 2273

The BH Event Space is a great place to learn, see, and even meet some of the top names in the country involved in photography.

I’m honored to be able to teach and present there and be counted among many of the top names that present at BH.

Check them out and I’ll be back there on January 13: High Speed Sync

Till next time, happy shooting!!