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Hi and welcome back.

Here’s a final from Saturday’s glamour workshop at Peter Fidalgo’s studio in Mass.

I used 5 lights to achieve this shot.  You have to remember that every time you add light you add dimension to the image and also add separation from foreground to background.

In this shot, we used 5 strobes to literally wrap the model in light from all sides, enabling me to get key, hair, edge, and background lighting for the final shot.

Nikon D3, 105 f/2 DC lens

1/200 @ f/10, ISO 200, WB Daylight

The image was finished with Totally Rad Actions Portrait Retouch V2.

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Here’s the final:

_RVH6510 copy

And here’s the BTS with the explanation of lighting:

Key: Hensel Integra 500, Phottix Luna Beauty Dish with sock

Reflector: California Sunbounce Sun Mover, silver side

Hair: Hensel Porty 1200 with Hensel kit 18×26 soft box

Edge: 2 Hensel Integra 500’s with Creative Light 1×4 strip boxes

Background: Alien Bee 800 with homemade Cinefoil snoot

_RVH6511 _RVH6513

This is an advanced setup that you can also do with speedlights.  One of my attendees, Ed Daly, ask that question.

If I needed to do this shot with small flashes, here’s how I’d set it up:

Key: Phottix Luna with diffusion sock and SB910

Reflector: California Sunbounce Sun Mover, silver side

Hair: Lastolite 24×24 Ezybox with SB800, or Westcott Strip, or Rogue Flashbender

Edge: 2 Rogue XL Pro’s in strip box format with SB800’s

Backlight: Rogue 16 degree grid with SB800

Just swap out the strobes for speedlights and have fun.

That’s it for now.  Till next time, it’s all about glamour!