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Hi and welcome back.

If you are like me, you overdosed on turkey yesterday and are paying the price today!  Pepto Bismol here I come.

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Let’s do a quickie on lighting before the weekend.

I ran a workshop at Unique Photo in NJ two weekends ago and had what I called a “Happy Accident” with light.

I set my key light high and overhead with a Rogue XL Pro as a strip box thinking I would top and edge light Alyson.  When I took the shot, I had forgotten to turn off the other two lights.  Now I had this great shot with key, hair, and fill as my lights firing and I didn’t even know it!

Happy Accidents are wonderful when they work for you!

Here’s a shot and a BTS for you.  You can see the XL Pro as key high and overhead, the large flashbender behind it for hair, and the small flashbender rolled into a snoot bouncing off the wall adding some fill light.

It all worked!  I wasn’t planned, but hey, sometimes you just need to roll with it.

_RVH5377 _RVH5405