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Hi and welcome back.

For the first time in years, Thanksgiving and Hanukkah fall on the same day.  To all my friends, followers, workshop and presentation attendees, sponsors, and anyone who follows this blog or loves photography, enjoy the holiday season!

Be safe, happy, among family and friends, and for today: EAT WAY TOO MUCH!!

Now for a quick lighting lesson and off to my family’s for dinner.

Before I forget too, good luck Kate, Julia, Jen, and Sarah at the 5K race today!

Totally Rad Actions is having a Black Friday Sale on all of its products.  As you may already know, I’m a huge fan of Totally Rad and use their Portrait Retouch V2 and Rad Lab.

35% Off Coupon Codes for Totally Rad Sale: 1434rhstudios and BLACKFRIDAY2013

Ok, on to lighting.

One of the techniques i’ve grown very fond of over the last few months is the collapsed umbrella.  Why spend on a  larger light source, like a strip softbox, when you probably own it already?

Simple attach a reflective umbrella to a light and then collapse it over the light source to create a tight spread of light.  Simple, easy, effective, and inexpensive.

Here is an example.


Hensel Integra 500 monolights

Hensel umbrellas that came in the kit

California Sunbounce Sun Mover attached to a Matthews Hollywood Grip Arm

_RVH4705 _RVH4706

That’s it for now.

Enjoy your holiday season!

Till next time, happy collapsing!