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Hi and welcome back.

After a week-and-a-half of not posting, I’m back.  I’ll be back to posting now 3-5 times per week.

For this quickie to begin my return, I was at BH Photo Event Space on Monday and did a  presentation on shooting on location.  We did a quick headshot/upper body editorial type shoot with two speedlights.

Key light: SB910, TTL mode, shoot through umbrella

Reflector: California Sunbounce Micro Mini with grip head

Hair light: SB800, TTL mode, Large Rogue Flashbender

You’ll notice that my mode has changed from Manual to TTL.  This is because I’ve been using the Phottix Odin system more and more.  This is a TTL based system that allows you to use your flashes in TTL mode, High Speed Sync, or in Manual or in any combination thereof.


I placed Katie in front of the diffusion screen in the room and used High Speed Sync with the Odin to demonstrate how well the system works.


Nikon D3, 105 F/2 DC lens

Exposure: 1/800 @ f/4, ISO 400, WB Daylight

Both flashes in TTL mode in HSS

In TTL mode, I set the camera’s aperture, shutter, and ISO and the Odin just pushed out the right amount of light.  I’m not much of a TTL or HSS user, but I’m being convinced to change.

Here’s a finished shot from the presentation:

BH Event Space Katie Funt 9 30 20131474 web

I had a great time with Katie and the class.

Till next time, happy high speed sync!