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Hi and welcome back.  

Over the weekend I ran a small, intimate workshop on the Hollywood Glamour look of the 40’s, in the style of George Hurrell.  

I shoot this look with three speedlights for hard and contrasty light on my subject for deep shadows.  I try to replicate the look of the hotlights of the era.  

Key: Phottix Mitros, Small Rogue Flashbender as snoot, Phottix SP 200 battery pack

Hair: SB910, Large Rogue Flashbender as snoot

Background: SB800, 16 degree Rogue Grid

All my lights are set at 1/4 power in manual mode to start and then I adjust from there.  

_RVH9560Here’s the bts with the lights firing. 

_RVH9559And here’s a final. 

_RVH9520 glamour glow copyI finished the image in Photoshop using Totally Rad Actions Portrait Retouch V2, used Totally Rad Actions Bitchen B/W for the conversion, and Nik Color Effex Pro for a glamour glow.  

This is a great and fun technique that really emulates the work of the Hollywood b/w era.  

I am going to try and shoot this look this weekend at Berger Camera if there is time.  If you are in NYC or LI, swing in to Berger Camera in Huntington and join the workshop there.  It’s a shooting workshop, so bring your camera!

Berger Morning Session

Berger Afternoon Session

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Code: 1434rhstudios

That’s it for now.  Till next time, think in black and white!