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Hi and welcome back.

I’m huge fan of speedlighting, but with my new agreement with Hensel I’ve been shooting strobe more and more.

In this 3 light corporate headshot, I used the Hensel 3 light kit.

Hensel Kit

In the BTS, I substituted a blue background instead of gray as you couldn’t see the backlight on the gray backdrop.

My key is a Hensel Integra 500 with a Hensel 36″ Octabox

Hair light is a Hensel Integra 500 with a collapsed umbrella for light control

Back light is a Hensel Integra 500 with a 30 degree grid.

On the backlight, in order to really control output I place a neutral density filter over the light to draw the output down and then have much more control over it’s overall output later on.

On the left is my California Sunbounce Micro Mini mounted to a lightstand.

I love the Hensel Strobe wizard as I can control 1 or all 3 heads with the supplied radio trigger.

Michael Liapakis Headshots 9 3 20131237


Here’s everything firing.

Michael Liapakis Headshots 9 3 20131236And here’s a straight-out-of-the-camera initial proof delivered to the client on Wednesday.

Michael Liapakis Headshots 9 3 20131231Everything worked flawlessly.  I shot tethered to my laptop so we could proof and adjust as we went along.

Nikon D3, 105 f/2 DC Lens.

That’s it for now.  Till next time, happy strobe lighting!