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Hi and welcome back.

I have a few more images to share from the Pasadena PPA this past weekend.

All of these shots were taken with Expoimaging’s Rogue Flashbenders.

For the first shot, I used a Rogue XL Pro in the Strip Box format as key.  I turned Elizabeth so that touch of backlight in the upper left corner of the image is actually the ceiling light of the Pasadena Convention Center.

CA PPA 8 24 20130710 1For the second shot, I used a three speedlight setup:

Key is an SB910 into a Rogue XL Pro as softbox

Right hair light is an SB800 into a Rogue XL Pro as strip softbox

Left hair light is another SB800 into a Rogue Grid

CA PPA 8 25 20130811The next shot is the complete same setup, except all I did was move around to Elizabeth’s right side and added the lights of the convention center in the background for a little bit of extra excitement.  My goal was to make it look as though she were somewhere else.

CA PPA 8 25 20130819This next shot is over and under beauty or clamshell lighting.

Key is high and above with an SB800 into a Rogue XL Pro as full size softbox

Kicker or fill light below is an SB800 into a Rogue XL Pro as strip softbox

CA PPA 8 25 20130851For the next shot, I went back to the over and under commercial look.

Key light is an SB910 into a Rogue XL Pro full softbox @ 1/2 power

Kicker or fill light below is S800 into Rogue XL Pro full softbox at 1/16 power

CA PPA 8 25 20130916After three full days and 12 different presentations, I wanted something totally different and unique.

I used three gelled lights.

Key is an SB910 with an XL Pro bent forward Blue Rogue Gel.

Back right is an SB800 with Rogue Grid and green gel.

Back left is an SB800 with Rogue Grid and Red gel.

Both grids have the grids removed.  All I wanted was direct light but controlled through the mini snoot of the grid.

My goal was to not use any white light on the subject at all, thereby making it look as if she was in a dance or performance studio instead of the convention center.

CA PPA 8 25 20130967That’s it for now.

If you are in the NYC area, my next Rogue Presentation/Workshop is at Berger Camera on September 21, here’s the link:

Berger Brothers Camera, Huntington, LI

There is a morning and afternoon session.  If you can make it, bring your camera as it’s a shooting workshop.

Till next time, happy lighting!