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Hi and welcome back.

I arrived home on Monday morning at 10:00 a.m. from a redeye flight from LAX, unpacked, slept for half an hour, and then headed to the studio for a headshot sitting.

So it’s taken me a day or so to reorganize and process a few images from the Pasadena PPA event last weekend.

I was working for Expoimaging and shooting in their booth.  The other bonus was having the ability to stay with family in Venice Beach: way cool!

Ok, on to a few images from the event.

All of these shots were taken with Rogue Flashbenders in several different forms and configurations.

Many thanks to Elizabeth, our model, and Brandie, the hair and makeup artist on the job.

Over the course of the three day event, I shot about 10 different lighting looks.

This is a two light high key commercial style look.  I was able to borrow a Westcott X-Drop with a white screen for the weekend.

Nikon SB910 high and above as key light set to 1/2 power with a Rogue XL Pro

Nikon SB800 low as a kicker light, set to 1/16 power with a Rogue XL Pro for fill

CA PPA 8 24 2013 0626In this shot, I pulled Elizabeth off of the back drop and did a three light high key shot.

I used the same key and fill as above but added a third light directly behind her to get a full high key shot without any drop shadow.

Backlight: Nikon SB800 @ 1/2 power and a Large Rogue Flashbender.

CA PPA 8 24 2013 0639 1In this next series of shots, I went for something a bit more dramatic.

I was using the Rogue XL Pro here without any diffusion and bent forward to turn it into a beauty dish or soft light reflector.  It is amazing the quality of light that can come from such a small light modifier.

SB910 in manual mode at 1/2 power.

CA PPA 8 24 2013 0653 1Here, I used the Rogue XL Pro in the Strip Softbox formation.

The strip box attachment really allows you to control your light and feather it with a great amount of accuracy.

CA PPA 8 24 2013 0715 1

I kept the Rogue XL Pro in the strip box format and just moved my light to the right and turned Elizabeth into it for complete sidelight.  The light is controlled well here as only a small amount of light illuminates the backdrop.

SB910 in manual mode at 1/2 power.

CA PPA 8 25 2013 0799For this look, an attendee asked for some on camera flash.  I rarely present on camera flash but after this event, I’m going to add a segment to other events as the results are amazing.

Nikon D3 with SB800 attached.  Small Rogue Flashbender with Diffusion Panel attached.

Here, in this image, I tried to show how you can get great results easily.  I shot this image in Program Auto Exposure and set my SB800 to TTL mode.  The camera and flash combination handled everything for me.  All I needed to do was compose, focus, and shoot.

CA PPA 8 25 2013 0893I did a quick raw to jpeg conversion and finished them for the post.

Raw Converter: Capture One Pro 7

Skin Retouch: Totally Rad Actions Portrait Retouch V2.  If you are interested in this Action Set for retouching, use my coupon code for 15% off any TR product: 1434rhstudios

All of these images were taken with Rogue Flashbender products in various configurations and forms.

Many thanks to Expoimaging for bringing me out to Pasadena to shoot for them.

Till next time, happy shooting!