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Hi and welcome back.

Tomorrow I head to Pasadena, CA for the California PPA Conference and convention, where I’ll be working for Expoimaging speaking and shooting OCF.

I’ll be posting as long as I can access web service, so stay tuned!

I took this natural light shot on Venice Beach in 2008.  This is one of those you just had to be there.  I got two shots.  This is the first of the two; in the second the surfer had turned his head away from the sun.

Nikon D3, 70-200 vr

RVH_5105 copy

Let’s do a quick post on OCF and the Rogue Flashbenders.

The new XL Pro flashbender is amazing.  It’s large enough to do almost a full body shot and compact enough to fit in a large camera bag or roller bag.

In the BTS shot, I setup an over and under beauty style or clamshell lighting for Ricky.

On top is an XL Pro full size; on bottom is an XL Pro using the strip box attachment:

_RVH4006You can see the two light sources working.  The key gives great flat light while the fill or kicker light underneath fills the hard shadows for great smooth light.


  • Manfrotto 1052 BAC Lightstands
  • SB910 and SB800 with battery packs
  • Rogue XL Pro
  • Pocket Wizard Plus III
  • Exposure: 1/125 @ f/5.6, ISO 200, WB Daylight

Here’s a final:

_RVH3987Over and under beauty light is great headshot lighting.

That’s it for now.  Till next time in CA, happy shooting.