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Hi and welcome back.

For today’s post on off camera flash, we are going to stick with the shoot through umbrella.

I love the shoot through umbrella.  It’s compact when folded, opens to give gorgeous soft light, and is only about $30.00 to replace if it gets broken.

For today’s post, we’ll look at the shoot through umbrella as a direct source of light.

In the BTS shot, I have my speedlight high and above me and pointing directly to the model on a white seamless paper backdrop.  I love getting my light high and above as this takes you away from the stock standard and sometimes boring 45 x 45 key light placement.

The light here is flat but the model is not flatly lit.  You can still see shadow detail on her skin and a soft, soft drop shadow on the backdrop.  I pulled her off the backdrop about a foot or so to get this nice, easy, commercial style look.

_RVH8247Gear list:

  • Manfrottto 1052 BAC Lightstand
  • Lumopro LP633 umbrella bracket
  • Photoflex 45″ Convertible Umbrella
  • SB800, SD8A battery Pack
  • Pocket Wizard Plus II’s

Exposure: 1/125 @ f/5.6, ISO 320, WB Daylight.

You’ll notice the ISO got a bit of a bump up.  Not wanting to sacrifice shutter speed or depth of field, I sent the ISO up 2/3 of a stop in order to get a good exposure in this location.

Here’s a final from the shoot.  Look at how the light is flat on her face but there is still significant shadow detail on her cheeks and under her chin.

_RVH8252This is a simple commercial style look you can do just about anywhere.

Get your light source high and above your subject to completely change how the light interacts and you’ll change your work.

That’s it for now.  Till next time, happy lighting.