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Hi and welcome back.

I found another, better BTS shot of the 40’s glamour setup and wanted to post it and a few extra images shot under this light.

The settings are all the same from the last post, but I shot this in Suite 201, an NYC rental studio on 26th St.

I used all Rogue Flashbender products for all these looks.

In the BTS, you can see not only all the lights working, but I used an old French door as a go-between, or gobo, to put the pattern on the wall behind the model:

_RVH8307As you can see, the Rogue Flashbender snooted lights only put light where I want it, and the grid pushes light through the French door for that cool effect on the background.  Here’s a final in BW:

_RVH8305 bw copyAnd here are a bunch of image shot under this condition from multiple sittings.  All setup the same way, using Rogue Flashbenders as snoots and the Rogue grid:

WPPI Leticia 3 12 2013 4416 bw copy Expoimaging Adorama Richelle Oslinker 3 5 2013 bw 4317 _RVH8520 copy _RVH7116 copy _RVH6647 _RVH6600 copy _RVH3793 BW copy 3That’s it for today.  Enjoy the weekend and I’ll be back next week with a full round of OCF techniques.

Till next time, happy shooting.