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Hi and welcome back.

I’m doing a quick post today on Monday’s workshop.

We had a great time despite the heat and humidity!

Here are a few shots of our model Richelle, who coincidentally is also a professional represented by Ford.

We needed to work quickly and find a location that was open and free as the foot traffic in NYC in the Summer is huge.

I decided on-the-fly to do something along the lines of an editorial shoot.  So I posed Richelle next to the map kiosk and had her look as if she were a tourist.

It also allowed us to use the plexiglass roof of the kiosk as a light diffusion panel.

Here are the proof shots and a BTS using the Rogue XL Pro in the Strip Box configuration with my Nikon SB910 set to Manual Mode @ 1/2 power.

_RVH5588 _RVH5601 _RVH5622 _RVH5624 _RVH5628

In the shot above, you can see the shadow of the Kiosk roof on the ground, giving me a natural, in-scene, diffusion panel above the model.

The day was hot, hot, hot!  I’ll have more pics this week.

Till then, stay cool!