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Hi and welcome back.

I’d like to thank our models, sponsors, attendees, and everyone at the BH Event Space for making our hot, hot afternoon in Herald Square a resounding success!

If you want to contact the models to forward images, please send them to me and I’ll forward them: bob@robertharringtonstudios.com

A few things came up in yesterday’s workshop with BH Event Space at Herald Square that I want to address in this post.

Books, my two books are available here:

Photographic Lighting

One Speedlight, 16 Looks

Retouching, I use Totally Rad Actions Portrait Retouch V2 for all my facial retouching.  It is the best I’ve used and works in Photoshop on Layers, so if you make a mistake, delete the layer and start over.

Here is my coupon code for 15% off any Totally Rad product: 1434RHSTUDIOS

Totally Rad Actions

If you are a beginner in OCF or just need some extra help in figuring out exposure and composition, then go out and purchase a styrofoam head from a beauty supply or get a head that stylists use to practice.

I named my head Sally after where I purchased it: Sally’s Beauty Supply.

Here’s the gear list link at BH Photo and photos to show you how it works:

Bob’s Wish List

Each of these simple setups allows you to learn exposure and how light will interact with your subject:

1_RVH1865 2_RVH2489 3_RVH1866 4_RVH2490 5_RVH1867 6_RVH2491 7_RVH1868 8_RVH2492


That’s about it.  Sally will work for me at any time.  I don’t have to cajole, or coax, or deal with an uninterested child or spouse, she’s the perfect model.

On another note, on August 12, I’ll be back at BH Event Space for a strobe light presentation.  This is a presentation only based on the Strobe Light Kit.

A great many photographers buy the larger lights in kit form, getting a couple of lights, stands, carry case, and a few umbrellas or even a softbox.

Join me as I show you the kind of work you can do with just the gear in the kit.

This event is sponsored by Hensel Lighting.

I had a blast yesterday!  Thanks to all involved.

Till next time, stay cool!