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Hi All,

Happy Independence Day.

Little known fact, the Declaration of Independence was signed on July 2, July 4 is the date it went out to the printer!

Here are a few tips on shooting fireworks this weekend:

  • Get to your location early
  • Use a tripod and cable release
  • Base Exposure: 4 seconds @ f/8, ISO 100 or 200, WB Auto
  • Get set up early to shoot.
  • Wait till the first discharge of fireworks to focus and shoot and then just keep shooting till you get what you want, adjusting exposure as you go.
  • I’ve found that the fireworks are so bright you should be able to focus with Auto, but you can also set your focus on the first blast and then preset the focus to that point
  • Shoot during the first rounds of explosions for best results.  Multiple fireworks discharges can add a lot of smoke to your images.  Shoot right away and then wait for a spell for sky to clear
  • Black card trick: Set exposure to 30 seconds and cover the lens with a black card, this allows multiple bursts of fireworks to register on just one frame
  • Have Fun!!!

The motorcycle workshop is on for July 17 at Stop and Go Transmissions in Milford.  I’ll post on Friday.
Enjoy the weekend!