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Hi and welcome back.

For today’s OCF Technique, let’s take a look at over and under beauty or clamshell lighting.

I do this light technique a few different ways.  For today, we’ll look at the Rogue XL Pro.

Here’s the setup:

Nikon SB910, Manual Mode @ 1/2 Power, Rogue XL Pro above with diffusion panel as key

Nikon SB800, Manual Mode @ 1/4 Power, Rogue XL Pro below with strip box attachment as fill

Here’s the BTS shot of the setup and how it works:

_RVH4006Here’s another BTS:

_RVH4007Here’s a final.  Look at how the light interacts with her face.

There is key and fill light and it is beautifully expressive with just a touch of key light shadow under here nose and chin.

The light fills her pores, so she’s lit flatly but the light isn’t flat.


_RVH3987This is a simple lighting technique to execute: one light above and one below.  Set your output to key and fill or 1/2 power and 1/4 power and shoot away.  The light is soft and flattering and gives you simple way to light headshots.

That’s it for now.

Tomorrow’s post will be on technique and then I’ll have shots from using the new Hensel Porty 1200L.

Till next time, happy lighting.