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Hi and welcome back.

The next few posts will cover lighting technique.

From last Tuesday’s workshop at Foto Care, let’s take a look at this shot of Cori:

_RVH3928I wanted to make it look as if she was outside in warm sunlight.

To do this, I set my key light to Manual Mode at 1/2 power behind her using a Rogue XL Pro with the strip softbox attachment and a Rogue Full Cut CTO Gel.  The warming gel gave me that late afternoon sunlight look.

With my key light actually behind Cori, I used the silver side of my California Sunbounce Micro Mini to give me reflected fill on her face.

Here’s the behind-the-scenes (BTS) shot showing how the setup worked.  You can see how warm the light is coming out of the flashbender and lighting the room.

The original WB was set to Dayllight, but that was too warm, so in post I dropped WB down to about 4,000 degrees Kelvin to keep the warm tone on the overall image without it being too warm.

_RVH3952I finished the image in Photoshop using Totally Rad Actions Portrait Retouch V2.  If you’ve never used this action set for skin retouching, you need to check it out.  I got it last year and it took a 30 minute retouch down to about 3 minutes.

If you like it, buy it with my coupon code good for 15% off of any product from TR: 1434rhstudios

Totally Rad Actions

Check out Foto Care and Totally Rad Actions, you won’t be disappointed.

That’s it for now, happy shooting!