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Hi and welcome back.

Here are a few shots from last Saturday’s workshop at Photo Center, Bricktown, NJ.

We had a great time working at Shark River Park in Neptune, NJ on a beautiful, sunny day!

Thanks to Photo Center and our model Christina.

Nissin Di 866 and Rogue XL Pro:



On camera flash with the small Rogue Flashbender and diffusion panel.  I shot this look in completely auto mode: Program Auto Exposure and TTL on SB910 to show how to get great results by letting the camera do all the work:



Over and under beauty.  Key light SB910 into Rogue XL Pro with diffusion panel, fill or kicker light underneath Rogue XL Pro into the Strip Box:



Barehead SB800 with a Rogue Full CTO gel behind the model for full backlight.  I exposed for her face only and let the flash give me a lot of colored back and fill light:







We had a great time in NJ and I’m looking forward to going back!

My next event is at Foto Care in NYC on June 25.  In the area and want to learn these techniques?

Register here: Foto Care

That’s it for now.  Till next time, happy shooting!