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Hi and welcome back!

I don’t have power and find myself at the local Starbucks to get online, so this post will be long as I prep for the weekend.

First, PDN Photoplus Expo 2012

Last Thursday and Friday I was at the Photoplus Expo in NYC for Expoimaging, running in-booth and location shooting events.

In the booth, I demonstrated the new X-Large Flashbender and did the three light headshot/portrait.  Anelisa was the model.

Main light: X-Large Flashbender

Hair light right: 2 flashbenders assembled into a strip box with 1/4 warming gel

Hair light left: Large Flashbender with gaffer-taped diffusion panel

Friday I worked in the 40’s glamour style again with Anelisa.

Key light: Small flashbender rolled into a snoot

Hair light: Small flashender rolled into a snoot

Backlight: Rogue 25 degree grid

Then I switched to one light and the 25 degree grid for something even more dramatic:

After my in-booth presentations, I ran two small location lighting workshops right outside the Javits Center.  The second model provided by Expoimaging, Madison, joined us for this shoot.

Key light: Small flashbender with diffusion panel on camera

Fill light: Large Flashbender bent forward

Here’s the BTS:

Then we moved to another location.

Key light: Small Flashbender on camera

Backlight: Large Flashbender with diffusion panel

Here’s us working:

Then on Monday, Sandy rolled through.

I went out at about 11:00 pm and braced myself against a telephone pole in 90 mph winds:

I walked back home to find the flooding all around my house but, thankfully, none of it got in.

The view from my front porch now underwater.

I’ll have more images from Sandy soon.

Finally, I’m prepping for this weekend’s events at Calumet/Penn Camera in Rockville, MD on Saturday:

Link: Calumet, Rockville

And on Sunday I’m at the Calumet/Penn Camera in Tyson’s Corner, VA

Link: Calumet, Tyson’s Corner

If you are in the area, sign on for a fun and creative small flash photography event!

Many thanks to everyone from Expoimaging for having me in the booth at the Photoplus Expo and treating me so well at the event.

I had a blast working and hanging out with them, especially Lizzy, who took me to the Photographers Ignite event at Canoe Studios.  Thanks Lizzy, Audrey, Erik, and John!

Link: Kevin Kubota’s Photograhers Ignite

That’s it for now.  Even though I’m a day late, we are still in the season as many towns here are postponing Halloween till next week, so I’m going to take a headline from the New York post inspired by Hurricane Sandy:

Happy Helloween!!!!!!