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Hi and welcome back.

Last Saturday I ran a Rogue Flashbender workshop in NYC, shooting in Madison Square Park.

We met at Calumet Photo and then headed over to the park.

We worked one light with a grid:

Then we worked two lights:

One Large flashbender with diffusion panel as the main and one large flashbender bare for fill:

Then we moved across the street and used 3 lights.

Main is a large flashbender with diffusion panel, fill is a bare large flashbender, fill from left is a grid with a 1/2 CTO gel.

We had great fun and success in the city shooting guerilla style at Madison Square Park and in front of the Credit Suisse building.

Tomorrow is my 8 speedlight glamour workshop.  Interested?  Contact me at 203-641-2880 or rvh34@hotmail.com.

I’m using everything in my OCF kit with 8 lights, then four lights, ending with just one light.  There’s still a few spots left!

Calumet Philly is next week: Calumet OCF Workshop

If you are in Southern NJ or in Philly, check us out.  It is a shooting event, so bring your cameras!

That’s it for now.  I hope to see you soon!