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Hi and welcome back.

I seem to be becoming a bit more of a gear blogger as of late.

Well, with that, if you haven’t checked out Totally Rad Actions Pro Retouch V.2: you should!

I absolutely abhor retouching, I mean I hate it!  Removing stray hair, sharpening eyes, softening skin: this is what I hire a retoucher for!

But, I recently discovered and bought Totally Rad Actions Pro Retouch V.2, and I have to say I have a new-found liking, not love, of retouching as it’s never been easier!

If you like actions, check out Totally Rad as they have my four favorite actions of all time: Bitchen B/W, Luxe Hard, Boutwell Magic Glasses, and Troy.

Actions are used in Photoshop.  In the actions palette you simply select what you want done and presto, chango it’s done.

Here’s a sample screenshot of the Pro Retouch action palette:

The actions are color coded so you can get to work quickly.

Here’s a hint: go to the Totally Rad website and watch a video to get started.  This is what I did.  I also took notes as to what was being used and now I have a quick-start list of what to do first, second, third, etc…

Here’s my initial image:


Here’s my process list:

  1. Foundation lite
  2. Deblotch medium
  3. Magic eraser
  4. Eye makeover
  5. Iris lightener
  6. Clean eye whites
  7. Hair shine
  8. Lucious Lips

Then I used Totally Rad’s Luxe Hard, ran the action, then dropped the opacity to 50%.

That’s it!  The great thing about the action set is that each action exists as a layer, so you can paint the effect in wherever you want it and then drop the opacity to increase or decrease it’s strength.

Here’s my finished image that took me about 2 minutes:


This shot was taken with:

Nikon D3, 70-200 vr, SB800 with a Rogue 1/2 CTO warming gel

Check out Totally Rad.

That’s it for now.  Till next time, happy retouching!