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Hi and welcome back.

Last Saturday’s event at Mack Camera in Springfield, NJ was a huge success!  Missed it, then join us on September 15 at TF Camera in Vineland, NJ.

Here are a few shots from the day.

In this shot I used direct overhead flash with a Large Flashbender and diffusion panel:

In this shot I did a three speedlght high key setup with Large Flashbenders: one as the main light and two on the background with Large Flashbenders as flags:


In this next shot, we got really creative with the Large Flashbender.  Once you get comfortable with your gear, begin to experiment with light and subject placement:


Then we headed outside with a single SB910 and a Large Flashbender:

Interested in shooting like this and seeing for yourself how the Rogue Flashbenders can work for you?  Then join us at TF Camera in Vineland, NJ on September 15 for another fun day of shooting and learning OCF.

Here’s the link: TF Camera

Thanks for stopping, and till next time, happy shooting!