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Hi and welcome back.

On June 2, I ran a Rogue Flashbender presentation at the Calumet Photographic store in Philadelphia.  It was a resounding success!  Not only did Calumet fill the room with an amazing and fun group, my model Betty was just fantastic.

I’d like to thank all involved, especially Expoimaging for sponsoring me and Gregg and the crew from Calumet for being such gracious hosts.

Here are a few shots from the day:

I went from one speedlight to three, showing how to get the most fantastic results with the simplest of equipment.

Looking to learn about the Rogue Flashbender system and how to use it creatively and effectively?  Then join me at Calumet Photographic in NYC on June 16 for a similar presentation.

Here’s the link: Calumet, NYC

Join me if you can for a fun-filled and informative afternoon at Calumet, NYC, 22 West 22nd St, NYC

Till next time, happy shooting!