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Hi and welcome back.

About two weeks ago I ran a Rogue Flashbender event at Adorama Camera in NYC.  We had a blast!

Elizabeth came in to model for us, and I did a full range of lighting looks with a really fantastic vibrant class in the Adorama Workshop Space, which was just perfect.

Here are a few shots from the presentation:

These two shots were take with a small Flashbender rolled into a snoot as main light, a large Flashbender rolled into a snoot as hair light, and a Rogue Grid as background light.

These two shots were lit simply with on SB910 into a Large Flashbender with diffusion panel.

This was a fantastic event at Adorama, and I look forward to going back to the Workshop space soon.

Many thanks to Monica of Adorama Workshops

And of course Expoimaging and their fabulous line of small flash modifers

Till next time, happy shooting.