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Hi and welcome back.

Yesterday I was fortunate to be asked to run one of the lighting stations at the BH Photo Event Space Beyond the Light Shoot in Central Park.

I was there representing Expoimaging and Rogue Flashbenders.

We got to Belvedere Castle, chose a site nearby with a scenic overlook of the park, got set up and ran 263 attendees through the lighting stations in 3 hours: Whew!!

Before I post photos, I’d like to thank all involved:

David Brommer and his loyal henchmen Debbie and Lauren from the BH Event Space

Zeljko, my crowd control BH strongman

Chrissy Harrington my cousin and assistant

Juljia for being our beautiful model

David Ziser, internationally known wedding photographer and speaker

David Piazza of Westcott

Erik Valind of Westcott

Joey Quintero from BH and Impact Lighting

And last but not least the crew from Expoimaging and Rogue Flashbenders who are my main sponsor and who willingly pay me to do this!

Here are some shots from my station yesterday:

David Metz and his crew from Sigma Lenses