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Hi and welcome back.

The past two weeks have been super crazy busy!

So busy, that this post is just one long photo journey.

Actor Headshots




Workshops and Presentations

Calumet Photo, NYC, Rogue Flashbenders

BH Photo Event Space Off Camera Flash

BH Photo Event Space Strobe Lighting

Milford Photo, Rogue Flashbenders

Strobe Lighting Workshop

Off Camera Flash Versus Strobe Light for Headshots

That’s if for the moment!

Photo Connections, Colchester, CT, Rogue Flashbenders

Look for me at BH Photo running an Off Camera Flash guerilla shoot on April 25.

EP Levine, Waltham, MA, April 26 and 28, Off Camera Flash

Adorama, May 3, Rogue Flashbenders

Calumet Photo, Philadelphia, June 2, Rogue Flashbenders

Calumet Photo, NYC, June 16, Rogue Flashbenders

In between all of that I’m shooting like crazy!!

It looks to be a great year ahead.

Till next time, happy shooting!!