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Hi and welcome back.

In preparation for a large headshot project, I ran a test shoot of a look the client asked for after a regular headshot sitting.

Here’s the behind-the-scenes shot:

Main light: Profoto Strobe, Elinchrom 39×39 Softbox, Pocket Wizard Plus II

Reflector: Lastolite Triflector with one side not used

Hair light: SB800, Lastolite 24×24 Ezybox, Pocket Wizard Flex TT5

Back light: SB900, Rogue Flashbender, Pocket Wizard Flex TT5

Camera: Nikon D3, Pocket Wizard Flex TT1 and AC3 Zone Controller

Not only was a test of a client-specific look, it was a test of the Pocket Wizard System.

I set my main light at F/10, which was fired by the Flex TT1.  Then I set the back light and hair light with my AC3 Zone controller in Manual Mode.  After getting my initial exposure set for the foreground, I used the zone controller to get the background gradient to taste then adjusted the hair light.  I don’t like a lot of noticeable hair light, so for me having that adjustability for a blonde, to brunette, to a bald male makes all the difference in the final product.

Here’s a final shot:

The entire system worked perfectly and is a great example of Pocket Wizard integration with the older Plus II’s and the new Flex’s.

That’s it for now.  Till next time, happy shooting!