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Hi and welcome back.

I run lighting series with my local camera shop, Milford Photo, comparing two lighting systems: Off Camera Flash to Studio Strobe.

This is a fun an lively event, usually well attended by novices and pros alike, that compares the two styles of lighting and see if there is one direction or another they want to go in their photography or just get to use equipment they wouldn’t have access to.

Unfortunately, I have no strobe lighting examples as I was extra busy on the speedlight side.  I set up 3 stations and shot both models under the same conditions.  Take a look at how I did on the OCF side:

Nikon SB800, Photoflex Shoot Through Umbrella from the top down, Lastolite Triflector on the bottom for that contrasty wrapping light:

In this setup I used a single SB800 into a shoot through umbrella high and from the right for that simple magazine cover look.  I also used a blowit fan to put volume in their hair:

For the last look, I used a SB900 into an Orbis Ring Light and pushed my ISO to 400 to handle the 1 stop loss of light that the Orbis eats up:

Many thanks to our two models, Bernadette and Miranda for being great and fun!

Equipment used:

Photoflex 45″ Convertible Umbrella

Lastolite Triflector Mark II

Blowit Fan

Orbis Ring Light

All things considered, I think the OCF images came out just as well as the strobe light.

If you are attending or are planning to attend a presentation/workshop with me at Calumet, Milford Photo, BH, Photo Connections, or Adorama, this is what you have to look forward to learning how to create.

That’s it for now.  Till next time, happy shooting!