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Hi and welcome back.

Yesterday I ran a workshop using the Rogue Flashbenders from Expoimaging.

If you don’t have these in your kit, get them!!  The holidays are here and they make great affordable gifts for any photographer.

Here are a few proofs from yesterday’s workshop:

Large Flashbender with Diffusion Panel main light, small flashbender with diffusion panel camera right, Rogue 45 degree grid camera left on backdrop

Next we worked in the classic 40’s Hollywood style of George Hurrell:

Small Flashbender rolled into a snoot main light, large Flashbender rolled into a snoot hair light, Rogue grid with a Rosco Size 4 venetian blind gobo backlight

Then we used a single Large Flashbender directly overhead and pointed toward the model for a beauty dish look:

Then we went for over and under beauty light:

Large Flashbender directly above and reflected into a California Sunbounce Micro Mini

Then we removed the reflector and used a SB800 with a small Flashbender on the bottom for true two light over and under beauty light:

Then we mixed natural light with a Large Flashbender.  I exposed for the window light using my spot meter then added flash on model’s right side to even out the light:

The Rogue Flashbender system: Don’t have it, GET IT!!

That’s it for now, till next time: happy shooting!