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Hi and welcome back.

Yesterday I ran a workshop where we mixed strobe lighting with off camera flash.  We used a combination of lighting modifiers and techniques to get fantastic results.  I tried to show how you can seamlessly integrate the two systems.

Here’s Stacey when she arrived at the studio pre-styling: Nikon SB800 into a Lastolite Ezybox 24 x 24:

Here’s Stacey after makeup and using the mixed source technique.

For this shot: Profoto 300 ws Compact with White Beauty Dish for main light and a SB800 into a Lastolite Ezybox for a bit of separation and skim light on the gold shear:

For this shot we swapped things around a bit: Main light is a SB900 into a Photoflex shoot through umbrella, back light is a Profoto 300 ws Compact and Elinchrom 39 x 39 softbox:

For this last shot in the workshop we really switched things up: Main light is a Profoto 300 ws Compact with a 60″ Photek Softlighter, back light is a bare head SB900 outside the building shooting into the white shear to give a nice bright backdrop:

The workshop was a success!  I was able to mix and match lighting systems and use strobes and speedlights for both main and back lighting.  And, we even put a speedlight outside in that nasty cold and windy day to light from behind: awesome!

Many thanks to my workshop attendees, Stacey, Sallie’s Airbrush Makeup, and Salon Lui for really going all out for us.

Till next time, happy shooting.