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Hi and welcome back.

I have another non-photography related post today.

This past Sunday we went to my son’s swim team’s event sponsored by Mutual of Omaha called the Breakout Swim Clinic.  It was amazing!!

We saw, met, and the swim team had a chance to take a swim clinic with two Olympic champions, Josh Davis, 3 gold medals in 1996 in Atlanta and 2 silver in 2000 in Sydney, and Ian Crocker, who won Gold, Silver, and Bronze in 2004 in Athens.

These two world class swimmers gave all the kids the tips and techniques they use everyday to compete at the national level.

And Josh Davis’ motto, have an Attitude of Gratitude: in other words, be thankful for those around you, who support you, and for what you have.  It was truly an inspirational event to attend.

Here’s Josh on the left and Ian on the right sharing their collective Olympic and swim experiences:

And here’s a small gallery of shots from the day:

What was truly fun was that they got in the water and worked side-by-side with the kids, teaching, helping, encouraging them to do their best and have fun!!!

Enjoy the shots!!