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Hi and welcome back.

Last Thursday night I took my Advanced Digital class out in that 8º winter cold and we shot some traffic and did some lightpainting behind Milford Town Hall.

Here’s a shot of some traffic on West River St:

Then we went behind town hall to shoot the Congregational Church.  I used a Brinkman QBeam 2 million candle power spotlight to illuminate the church from across the pond.

Here’s a shot with no lightpainting:

Here’s the same shot using the Brinkman QBeam Spotlight to illuminate the church.  All the settings are the same, but the spotlight is bringing out the church:

The spotlight makes a huge difference.  All I did was paint the church with the light.

Lightpainting is a fun and interesting technique you can do anywhere.  Give it a shot!

That’s it for now.  Till next time, happy shooting.