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Hi and welcome back.

While going through a bunch of images to create a new book idea I’ve got spinning around in my head, I came across another photograph that I wanted to share with you on the topic of retouching.

I don’t retouch very heavily, but the effects of light and the brutal nature of digital capture requires some retouching on photos going to clients.  If you think anyone on any magazine cover hasn’t gone through some retouching, think again!

Here’s a shot of Jenna.  Now Jenna is quite beautiful and in this head shot has had perfect makeup by Cami Shore, but digital capture is unforgiving in that it shows all of our faults.

Here’s the original:

The shot is pretty darn good if I may say so myself, since I took it!  But it needs some work.  Here’s what I see needs help:

Most of the problems I’ve pointed out are due to light.  As we use light to enhance our subject we also inadvertently bring out defects and also cause light to highlight cheeks, foreheads, and noses.

Here’s the retouched copy.  I removed blemishes, smoothed the skin, removed the lighting hot spots, sharpened the eyes and lashes and lips, and then did a slight contrast adjustment:

Now, it’s perfect!

Want to really take your portraits to the next level: learn to retouch in Photoshop.

That’s it for now.  Till next time, happy shooting!