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Hi and welcome back.

Last night during one of my Advanced Classes, we tackled the two to three speedlight corporate portrait.

I tried to show the convenience and versatility of speedlights for the corporate style portrait.

Cami, a freelance hair and makeup artist, was our model.  She was just fantastic as usual. For the future brides reading this, keep her in mind as she is a wonderful stylist.

Here’s the basic shot with two speedlights: one into a shoot through umbrella as the main light and the second light is the hairlight:

For the next look we changed from a shoot through umbrella as the main light to a Westcott 28″ Apollo softbox.  You can see how the background darkened as we were able to control more light through the softbox:

On this shot, we added a background light to brighten the background a touch:

For the last shot in this setup, we put a blue gel on the background speedlight to change the color of the background and darken it a bit again, achieving another totally different look:

For the last shots of the night, we went back to two speedlights and did a high-key look, or completely white backdrop:

The simplicity of speedlights over strobe light allows you to be mobile.  I carry a small studio in a Pelican Case with me at all times.

If you are interested in a new look for a new year, choose a look you like and contact me as I’m running a special on corporate portraits for one person to an entire office.

Thanks for stopping by.  Till next time, happy shooting!

All shots Nikon D3, 70-200vr

Speedlights: SB900 as main, SB800’s as hair and backlight

Photoflex Shoot Through Umbrella and Westcott 28″ Apollo Softbox