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Hi and welcome back.

One of the easiest ways to convert or process your photographs is by using actions in Photoshop.

You can make you own or get ones from companies like Kubota or Totally Rad.  Actions are processing recipes that are run through Photoshop.  You load the action,  use the batch editor or scripts manager and Photoshop does the job while you get lunch or a cup of coffee.

Here’s an example.  I took the photos from last Saturday and ran them through a black and white action.  I loaded them into the scripts manager and processed all new images in black and white.  I used the Totally Rad Actions Bitchen Black and White and love the look.

Take the guesswork out of your image processing and let Photoshop and actions do the work for you.

I usually take 5 images, put them into a separate folder, run a few different actions to see which I like the best, then run the whole entire folder or job to convert them all.  You aren’t limited to B/W, there are tons of actions to help speed up your workflow.

Check them out, it’s totally worth it!

Till next time, happy shooting!