Hi and welcome back.

This past Saturday I ran a quick of camera flash workshop with one of my favorite models, Stacey.

We ran around New Haven taking shots of her in fashion and lifestyle poses with, you guessed it, a single SB900 and Photoflex Shoot Through Umbrella.

Here’s a shot of us working on the steps of the Yale Repertory Theater:

And here are some of the afternoon:

I spent the entire day with my D3 and 50 mm 1.8 lens, one of the most versatile lenses ever made.  You don’t need a full kit of lenses, one or two will do the job.

Many thanks to Stacey and the workshop attendees.  I had a blast on Saturday!

Want to learn how to shoot like this, then click the link above for the Photo School and I can teach you.

Till next time, happy shooting.