Hi and welcome back.

For this post I’ll be demonstrating a two light high key portrait with, you guessed it, off camera flash.

Yesterday I photographed a small preschool in Woodbridge.  It was really, really small, not only in the student body but the shooting space as well.  I had an area less than 8′ x 8′.

Thankfully those kids were small as well!!

Here’s the shooting space and my setup.  Notice the white seamless paper.  I cut a roll down in length to make the space and then rolled out two separate lengths off of a 5′ roll to cover as much of the floor as possible.

Background Light: One SB900, positioned vertically, no omnibounce @ 1/2 power, and a shoot through umbrella lighting the background

Main Light: One SB800, with omnibounce @ 1/2 power, shoot through umbrella

Out of view to the left is my California Sunbounce Micro Mini reflector for some fill

With this simple setup, I achieved these results:

In Photoshop I made a quick levels adjustment to make sure the whites were totally white, did a minor sharpening, and the images are ready to be sent out to print.

Off camera flash is a versatile way to light your subjects.  I was able to get into a tight spot and get the shots with a simple lighting system.

Try this one at home!

Till next time, happy shooting.