Hi and welcome back.

I use the X-Rite Color Checker Passport for all of my work: Sometimes I forget to pull it out of my bag, though.

The X-Rite is really made to be used with Adobe Lightroom, Camera Raw, and Photoshop for instant DNG profiling of your file for drag-and-drop color correction.

For me, though, I use Capture One, which uses ICC profiles for file color, so I’m excluded from using the DNG profiling.  But, I discovered that if you are using Capture One, all you need to do is photograph the Munsell Color Target and use the Auto Color Correction button to have the software completely correct the file.

This, for me, is great news as I love Capture One and now can utilize the X-Rite as you Adobe users do.

Here’s  what I mean.  First I take a custom white balance off the neutral target:

Then I photograph the target and bring that into Capture One as well:

Then I hit the A for Auto Adjust in Capture One and get a corrected image.  If you compare the two closely, you’ll see how contrast and color have been improved in the adjusted photo.  After that, I just copy and paste my adjustments to my photos and I’m done: Color Correction made easy!

In the above photo, the blacks, whites, and colors are fuller and have more contrast than the original.

That’s the way I do it in Capture One.  The effect is the same in Adobe products, you just need to make a DNG file and calibrate it for the software and away you go.

The X-Rite Color Checker Passport: I won’t leave home without it.

Till next time, happy shooting.