Hi and welcome back.

As promised for yesterday, I know I’m a day late, I’ve put together a few shots of how I do on camera bounce flash.

I stole this technique from a N.J. wedding shooter named Neil Van Niekirk.   He recently conducted a two hour seminar at B+H photo and I trudged down there with Kathy Marciante of Kathy Marciante Photography to meet him.

I love this technique.  It is simple, cheap, and very effective.  Take that omnibounce off of your flash, return that Gary Fong, and try this system: it just simply works!

First, you need to go to AC Moore or Michaels or any craft store and purchase a 12 x 18 sheet of White Foam Paper.  For the Nikon SB900, cut squares 6 x 6 to fit the flash head. I use gaffer tape on one side of the foam paper so I can have a white reflective side and a black subtractive side.  I usually use the white side but I like having the alternative right in front of me.

Here’s a shot of it on my D200 and SB800 with the white side out.  I use rubber bands to attach the card, but you women can also use elastic hair bands.

Here’s a shot with the black side:

Here’s an extra I keep in my bag.  Just cut it to fit the flash head and go to work:

But the absolute key to this system is using the flash to its fullest, by that I mean using the swivel action of the flash.  By swiveling the flash to bounce it from the nearest wall or ceiling intersection, you create soft reflected light on your subject.

Here’s a direct flash shot of Linley, our model from last Sunday:

Ugg!! Isn’t that awful! In this next shot, I put the bounce card on and swiveled the head toward the right wall/ceiling and got this quick shot.  Look at the difference in quality of light on her face:

Then, all I had to do was move our subject, Linley, to a nice spot and then bounce some flash around the room to light her softly.  We were working in the foyer section of the Hartford Convention Center, right in the middle of the whole place, which goes to show you that great images can be made anywhere!

Take a look at two keepers:

We simply put Linley in a nice spot and went to work.

This is a wonderful way to bounce your flash cheaply and effectively.  So, send me that $50 you were going to drop on a Gary Fong Lighsphere and go out and make some great images for only a few bucks.

Till next time, happy shooting.