Hi and welcome back.

This post is on yesterday’s meetup workshop.  I went to Hartford to run this one and we worked outside the Hartford Convention Center.  This is a great place to shoot with a ton of graphics to add to your images.

Unexpectedly, we worked on camera bounce flash first.  I’ll have a post on that tomorrow, but for now take a look at the shots we got of our wonderful model Linley.

We used off camera flash in a multitude of variations, then we did some natural light shots as the overcast day had just perfect flat light.  We used a combination of On Camera Flash, Off Camera flash with a shoot-through umbrella, Direct flash, and natural light.

It was a great experience.  Check out some shots:

Want to learn how to take shots like these, then enroll in the photo school at the link above.  You get great private instruction for a great price.

Till next time, happy shooting.