Hi and welcome back.

Yesterday I went to the Photoplus Expo at the Javits Center in NYC with members of my Off Camera Flash Meetup group.

Although we arrived together, as it so happens at busy events we got separated and wound up coming home separately.  Anyway, it was a great time.  I saw some new gear and spent time among great friends.

Here are a few highlights for the off camera flash user:

Westcott is redesigning its 28″ Apollo Softbox for 2011 with improved supports, a newly designed zipper system, and maybe grids

Lastolite is offering a 30×30 softbox, a round softbox, the triflash, with the ability to hold 3 flashes and a PW attachment, and now grids for the 24×24 softbox

Missing vendors that I didn’t see there:

Profoto, Hasselblad, Adobe

Vendors I missed seeing because it was so crowded:

California Sunbounce

All in all a great day was spent with friends in the City.  Here are a few shots of the event: