Hi and welcome back.

Last night I met the Milford Camera Club out behind town hall in Milford for some lightpainting.  This is a great and fun technique using large flashlights to illuminate your subject.  I used a Brinkman Q Beam 2 Million Candle Power spotlight I purchased at Pep Boys Auto Supply.

Here are some before and after shots.  Notice how the Church is dark, but with the spotlight it is now bright and you can see it in the background.

Now with some added light, we can see the Church:

Then we moved up to the top of the knoll and shot the church from directly across the water:

Then we added some light:

This is a fun technique you can do anywhere.  You’ll need long exposures in a dark area, like 10, 20, or 30 seconds to give you enough time to paint your subject and review on your LCD.  Shoot in RAW for ultimate adjustability and be prepared to take a lot of frames to get that one you’ll love.

That’s it for now.  Getting ready for NYC on Saturday.  Till next time, happy shooting.