Hi and welcome back.

Yesterday I ran a workshop with Milford Photo called Flash of the Titans.  I set up my off camera flash equipment and Jesse of Milford Photo set up his strobe lighting, and we compared the results of the two systems.

Here are a few of the off camera shots.  Unfortunately, it was so busy that I didn’t get any strobe shots.

Single SB900 camera left, Photoflex shoot through umbrella:

SB900 Camera left, California Sunbounce Micro Mini, silver side, for fill on the right:

Beauty light: SB900 above into Photoflex shoot through umbrella, California Sunbounce Micro Mini on bottom:

Direct flash, SB900 about 20 feet from model, model set almost directly against backdrop:

It was a fantastic event with 30 attendees and two fantastic models with hair and makeup by Cami Shore.

Till next time, happy shooting!