Hi and welcome back.

In an effort to improve my online presence, I’ll be posting on my newly designed blog/website.  I’ll be updating it frequently with still photos and behind-the-scenes videos.  Check out the welcome video on the About page: bear with me as this is my first time doing this!

For today, I’m running a concept fashion shoot workshop this Saturday.  Moda hair salon is transforming our model with hair, colorful makeup, and long, long eyelashes.

The original idea for the shoot was lollipops, but as it evolved over time, my friend Laurie was able to get her friend to donate props from a Candy themed school event.  Take a look at the props; they are amazing and all handmade!

Interested in the shoot, just drop me a line: 203-641-2880 or rvh34@hotmail.com.  It is this Saturday from 12-3.