Hi and welcome back,

Sunday I ran a quick workshop for on and off camera bounce flash.  Well, I liked the off camera results better than the on camera results.

I used my California Sunbounce Micro Mini for the shoot with the flash bracket attachment.  The supplied bracket from California Sunbounce, despite being engineered by Germans, is a piece of junk and fell apart Saturday afternoon during a test run.  I cobbled together a bracket with parts around my office and from my dad.  I was able to pull it together for yesterday’s shoot.

Here are a few shots.  You can see Gary holding my reflector and bouncing the flash onto Olivia, our model for the very warm afternoon:

The California Sunbounce system is one of the most versatile reflector systems on the market.  The fabric or textile is attached to a break down aluminum frame that stores like a light stand.  I love their system and carry it everywhere I go.

Many thanks to Olivia, our model for the afternoon, not only for sitting for us but for lasting in that oppressive heat!

That’s it for now, till next time, happy shooting!