Hi and welcome back,

Here are a few shots from last Saturday’s workshop with on camera flash.

I used my usual bounce setup shown here:

I’ve since changed this setup a tad.  Now I use white foam paper and then put black gaffer tape on one side to have a white and black reflector in one shot.

With this setup, I was able to achieve these shots by bouncing light at different angles around the room:

Then we headed outside, where I used the same bounce setup but had one of my attendees hold my California Sunbounce Micro Mini.  We bounced our flashes on camera but off of that reflector to get these results:

Here is the California Sunbounce.  It is a very versatile reflector that assembles quickly and travels well:

On camera flash can be a very versatile tool when used creatively.  I’ve never owned any other bounce attachment for my flashes except for the ones supplied by Nikon.  I’ve never owned a Gary Fong Lightsphere or a Lumiquest and never will.  By using the white foam with black gaffer tape applied to one side, I can get great, controllable light whenever I want it.

For those of you looking to work with or try this setup, I’m running an On Camera and Off Camera bounce flash meetup/workshop in mid July.  Just like the screenshot image of the reflector, I have the bracket to attach a speedlight to the  sunbounce.  It’ll be great fun.

Till next time, happy shooting!