Hi and welcome back.

Anyone who knows me and my work knows that for the past two years I’ve not shot a studio strobe at all.  In fact, in August of 2008 I sold my high-end lighting and based myself completely with off camera flash.

Two weeks ago I had a situation on a shoot where I needed more power than my SB900 or SB800 could give me, so I borrowed my friend Laurie’s Alien Bee strobe and grid to get the shot I needed.  I decided right then to start building a small strobe system to maintain portability and get some bigger power.

After much research and deliberation I decided on this setup:

1 used Profoto 300 watt second CPS strobe from B+H

1 Elinchrom 39″ x 39″ softbox off of ebay

1 Elinchrom to Profoto adapter

1 Elinchrom beauty dish reflector

The Profoto strobe is one of the best made: durable, fantastic power, color consistency of light, and sturdiness.

Elinchrom softboxes are legendary for their build, ease of assembly and break down, and cost.  The best thing about the Elinchrom system is the disk reflector.  Just remove the softbox outer and inner diffuser and insert the disk in the umbrella hole.  Now you have a giant beauty dish.  So you get multiple uses out of one light modifier.

Here are a few shots of the setup and a few shots from today:

This is a great little system that works beautifully and travels well.  It is compact and powerful and gives fantastic results.

That’s it for now.  Till next time, happy shooting.