Hi and welcome back.

For today, we’ll take a look at Nik Color Effex Pro software.

Here’s the link to their site: Nik

I use Nik software for my creative editing.  I love a few of their filters like: glamour glow, color tone, cross processing, white neutralizer, graduated neutral density, are but a few of my favorites out of the 50 you get.

Nik stores in Photoshop as a plug-in, so you need to access it through the filter menu:

Here’s a shot of the software palette:

It’s a simple software to navigate.  On the left are all the filter choices, on the right is the filter on the top and a split screen on the bottom to see the effect.  Above, I chose White Neutralizer.  For us wedding shooters, if white balance is off a bit, I can correct here by clicking on this filter.  Someone who has paid a lot of money for a white dress should get images with a white dress not something with a color cast.

The best thing about this software is that you can run it multiple times on the same image.  On the right of this image, take a look at the layers palette.  I’ve run several layered effects on this one image.

Once you are done, save your original as a PSD so you can track your changes and then make a jpeg and send it out to print.

That’s it for today.  Tomorrow is my Meetup group.  I’ll have posts on that and more on Photoshop next week.

Till then, happy shooting.